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Finding a Water Damage Contractor in Fort Myers - Naples

Finding a water damage restoration contractor in the Fort Myers- Naples area can be very challenging, especially after a storm hits the area. This website was created to inform about the key factors you need to take into consideration before hiring a water damage restoration contractor in Fort Myers, Naples, Punta Gorda, Marco Island, Cape Coral, and Tampa. These factors might also be considered to hire water damage remediation companies in other areas, but the goal is to make it as specific as I can for the SW Florida region.

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Water Damage restoration ft myers

Our Tips

The objective of this website is to provide tips about the process of hiring water damage restoration companies in the Fort Myers-Naples areas, based only on my personal experience.
Hiring a water restoration contractor could be traumatic, especially if you hire the wrong contractor. The decision of what company to hire is difficult because it often involves dealing with flood insurance policies, you are suffering the stress of having a flood at home, and the potential economic consequences could be significant. If you blend these legal, emotional, and financial complexities, the expected outcome might be harmful or have adverse consequences.

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Finding The Right mold Contractor

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The process of water damage restoration often involves at least three stages. Water extraction, mold remediation, and reconstruction. Most companies in the Fort Myers – Naples area provide services in all these three stages.
In Florida, the chances of mold growing in your house after it was hit by a flood are high. Mold develops very quickly and it is crucial to dry out the flooded area within the first three days.
A certified mold inspector will inform you about the scope of the damage. Then, if the damage requires demolition of the affected areas, you will need to reconstruct them. The areas of a house that are often affected by mold are bathrooms, kitchens, garages, AC ducts, and closets.
The company you hire to do the water extraction is probably the company that will follow you through the whole process.

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What Information We Provide About Water Damage Companies in Fort Myers

Flood Cleanup Fort Myers

Water Extraction Companies in Fort Myers Florida

The first step once you get a flood in your home is to find an experienced and certified company to extract the water from your home. This process often takes 3 days and the companies install equipment that will help to dry out the flooded area in your home. The most popular equipment that these water damage restoration companies use are dehumidifiers, fans,and air movers. As the first step in the process of water damage restoration, the company in charge of the water extraction will offer you help to deal with the mold that could be grow in the affected are and also with de demolition and reconstruction required once mold is found in your property. Finding the best contractor to help you with the water extraction after a flood will affect the entire water damage restoration process.
Water Damage Problems Fort Myers

Water Damage Repair Contractors in Fort Myers

Once your home is completely dry after the flooding, it would be possible to identify the damage  the water caused to your property. This process requires an expert because the damage most of time is hidden below the floor and behind the walls of your house.
Mold Remediation Fort Myers

Mold Remediation Contractors in Fort Myers

If water stays in your home for a long period of time is highly expected to see mold growing everywhere, floor, walls, ceiling, AC ducts, etc. In general, mold grows in any surface touched by the water.
Mold Remediation Fort Myers

Mold Demolition Contractors in Fort Myers

Once mold is found in your house, the contractor must set the containments to prevent the mold to affect other areas of your house. Setting the containments to isolate the affected are you requires the installation of an equipment able to create negative preassure to avoid the mold spores to spread outside of the contaminated areas.
Water Cleanup Construction Fort Myers

Residential Construction Contractors in Fort Myers

To start the construction or to be more precise, reconstruction, is required to certify that your home is free of mold. With the certification approved it is time to start the reconstruction process. Some restoration companies have their own construction department with their own people and other hire vendors specialized on each part of the construction. I could not say what alternative is best, but from my experience dealing with constructions contractors, most of them are not very realiable.
Water Damage Restoration Fort Myers Reconstruction

Commercial Construction Contractors in Fort Myers

Similar to residential construction on the type of contractors you need. The main difference is that you need to make sure your contractor company is willing to work a lot of overtime hours. You want to be back in business as soon as you can and paying the cost of working extra hours is less that want you are losing in sales.