Post Hurricane Restoration

FEMA Help After Hurricane Irma In Florida

FEMA Help After Hurricane Irma In Florida Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, but in August 2017, the state faced one of its most devastating hurricanes when Irma formed. The extremely powerful hurricane was the strongest one in the Atlantic since Wilma. It’s currently the strongest storm to form in the open Atlantic region. From…

Water Damage Restoration

A Guide to Choosing the Right Water Damage Restoration Contractor

There are several damages that are brought as a result of rainfall or when water enters your house through some other means. The most common thing that happens is the creation of mold, which is a fungus that looks very irritating. Being able to handle the effects caused by water damage can be challenging for…

Hurricane Fort Myers

The Effects of Hurricane Irma on Homes in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Hurricane Irma tore through the United States from the 30thof August to the 3rdof September, 2017. In its wake, it left a pile of devastation and destruction, and a lot of people were dispersed and rendered temporarily homes as a result. To wit, we take a look at how the harsh effects of this hurricane…

Water Damage Kitchen

Ways to Protect Against Water Leaks Using Technology

Water leaks are some of the consequences of faulty pipelines that can result in a major destruction of structures, from home to offices. As tiny as a leak may be, it has the potential to cause maximum damage and disrupt the structural integrity of a building. When water damage as a result of a flood occurs, a lot of financial investments are made into restructuring the building. Water damage cleanup also cost a lot of money.

Fire damage cleanup

Fire Damage Cleanup

A fire damage cleanup could be considered the best solution to restore a house after experiencing a fire in order to turn the page and move forward. Although the name of the process sounds like it will only make stains disappear, this is a process that should not be taken lightly, as it goes far…

Flood Insurance Fort Myers fl

Flood Insurance Protection for Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings Just less than an inch of water could require paying thousands of dollars in rehabilitation to a home. Flood insurance coverage help homeowners deal with the economic consequences of a flood, although alike other classes of insurance protection it doesn’t include everything you lost. Flood insurance protection covers houses and other habitations, including…