Damage Water Reconstruction Restoration Fort Myers

Water Damage Remediation Contractors

We help you trying to find the best water damage remediation contractor in Fort Myers Florida according to your needs. Finding the right construction contraction is challenging because there are very professional companies in the industry but there are also many companies with very poor quality standards in terms of the services they provide and the overall customer experience that they provide.

Water Damage Remediation Fort Myers

Talk to the Owner

The are many factors to take into consideration in order to to decide what construction contractor to hire. Here is a list (not coompreensive in any way) of a few things you need to look at:

References!: Not many construction companies can provide honest testimonies from past customers

Certification: Ask them to provide all the information that proof that the company is approved to operate as a construction company in the area where your live

Ask for a complete itemized list of the materials and services of your proposal. This will help you later to verify they did everything they told you they were going to do.


Good company owner will have no problem on talking to a new potential customer like you. Talking to the owner of the company will give you a good a idea of what kind of company are you dealing with. Ask him or her about his or her company and for advice on your project.  You will get high quality information about the company just by talking to the owner.


Talking about money is not simple. The reality is that most construction companies get more than 50% margin out of your project. They will never discuss about their profit margin but fell confident negotiating the final amount because, if you ask them in the right way, you can easliy get 5 to 10% discount.


Simple, ask for the itemized list of all services and products so you can compare with other construction companies and when the job is finished you can confirm they did everything you are paying for.